'The Winnett House' offers both its Student and Provider clients a fully supportive service in the area of International Education.


Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs:

'The Winnett House' is an approved Agent / Representative for the following Australian Universities:

• The University of Tasmania, Australia (UTAS)

Offering a broad range of programs with Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, and the Bio-Sciences being of special interest.

• Southern Cross University (SCU)

Special focus on Marine studies through the Institute of Marine Sciences (Coffs Harbour Campus)


• Charles Sturt University (CSU)

Special focus on Dentistry and Rural Campus locations as well as Distance Programs


• ECOLIFE South Africa (with NW University SA)

Wildlife and Veterinary Programs, Internships and Practicums for both students and qualified professionals:

Programs for students in wildlife management, conservation, zoology and related fields, as well as Veterinary Medicine, are offered study programs through ECOLIFE Expeditions.

Linked to NW University, South Africa, students are eligible for recognized credits on completion of specialist programs.