With a background as an International Educator, TEFL. Mainstream curriculum, and in administration, Angela Younger, Director of the Winnett House, has formed a team of Associate Student Counselors, who also bring with them a wealth of experience in the disciplines of International Education, migration, career advice and travel services.

Angela Younger, Director, Registered Agent

With over 30 years in Education, including International Teaching (classroom and administration), Education and Advocacy for the Disabled, T.E.F.L., Specialist training and work with ‘at risk’ students, Education Welfare (UK), Teacher Recruitment, and Agent and Placement Advisor for International Student Programs, Angela Younger is able to draw from a wealth of experience and utilize skills gained from such a varied background. Having lived and worked in a number of International locations, Angela Younger has a first hand knowledge of cultural and regional differences in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean.

As a fully qualified teacher (B Ed, TT Cert., TEFL Cert.), holding current Qualified Teacher Registration in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and with training and experience at the International level, Angela deals with Clients directly, and holds both a Canadian Federal Criminal Clearance, and UK Police Clearance to work with young people.
When not dealing directly with Angela Younger, fully qualified counselors / associates are available in Australasia, the UK, and North America.

Angela Younger, Director of the Winnet House exploring cultural and educational sites in China.


Judy and Doug McKeague (Joint Associates)
Judy McKeague has joined the Associates and assisted by her husband Doug they represent both Eastern & Western Canada. Judy was raised and educated in the Maritimes, while Doug was born & educated in Alberta. Both bring considerable experience in the human services/education fields. Together they will be The Winnett House representatives in Western Canada.

Judy has a combined 18 years social work experience in children’s services in both Nova Scotia and Alberta, and in the mental health field in both provinces, including several years as Education coordinator with the Canadian Mental Health Association, supervising university & college practicum students. She also brings years of experience as a school volunteer, member of Parent Council and Coordinator of Academic Recognition and Athletic Programs at the high school level.

Doug is a registered Social Worker in the province of Alberta, with over 25 years with the Alberta Children’s Hospital, also having been employed in the mental health profession, and as a sessional instructor in the Social Work program at Mt. Royal College, Calgary. At the Children’s Hospital, Doug supervises students from social work, psychology, psychiatry and nursing disciplines. In his private counseling service he works with educators at middle, high school and college levels. Doug has recently returned from participating in the EcoLife Vets-in-the-Wild program at Pretoria University, South Africa.

Doug McKeague, Associate, Western Canada, experiences an ‘EcoLife Expedition’ with Veterinary Medicine and Vet Technology students in South Africa.


Sara (Becky) Brewster, Samantha Young and Barbara Farley (Specialist Field Associates).

Graduates of Nova Scotia Agricultural College Pre-Vet program, both Becky and Samantha are able to assist students who are seeking a wildlife program to enhance their professional development. Both Associates have participated in ‘EcoLife’ South Africa ‘Vets in the Wild’ program and gained certification for participation from University of Pretoria. They have wide experience in the field of wildlife and conservation and are well experience to be able to advise students..

Barbara is a fully qualified Vet Technician, with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology, and facilitates for ‘The Winnett House’ with regard to Veterinary Medicine, Vet Nurses, and Vet Tec. Programs in New England, USA. Barbara has a working knowledge of requirements and focus required for those students and professionals who are seeking to enhance their studies or professional career choice in the world of Veterinary Studies and Wildlife Management.

Young Jin (Jay) Choi (Associate and Regional Manager) represents The Winnett House in Korea through his company ‘One and One’.

Jay has joined the Associate group of The Winnett House, as Associate for Korea and Regional Manager. The office, located in the district of Kangnam-gu, (classified as ‘the heart of Education in Korea’) operates as ‘The Winnett House, Korea’ and is fully registered as such.

Hoping to target a global market and bring his student clients into contact with providers from further a-field, Jay has already had success in working with our client schools in North America for student placement, and whilst working within the world of international finance, Jay was able to assist a number of families to secure enrolment for students overseas.

Jay is experienced in the global workplace and previously managed corporate bodies within Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the USA. Discovery of education consulting and representation led Jay to work with an Education focused company in Australia; hence a familiarization began with regard to expanded educational services. Experience in dealing with Tertiary providers such as TAFE, has allowed for an informed working relationship within the Australasian market, including knowledge of visa and migration matters, and the application process for students within the region. Having completed a B. Arts at Ohio State University, USA, Jay also has background knowledge of the workings of the US College and University system, as well as the procedures for Nth American High Schools and Language Schools..
Jay has a clear understanding of the Korean market and realizes the potential for providers who are seeking quality students.

Jay has attended ICEF Workshops as well as the English Expo in Korea 2006 and 2007.
Being bi-lingual, Jay is a capable representative for Provider clients of The Winnett House. A full supportive service is provided though the office in Korea, from initial academic counseling, to application assistance, submission of documentation, and follow-up support. Ongoing assistance is also offered to students whilst they are abroad and any additional services that may be required are available on request!


Maria Calvert-Kurland (Associate) responsible for all matters pertaining to students and providers in New Zealand. Maria undertakes the role of Associate with particular emphasis in sending students from within New Zealand, to programs in both North America and Europe, as well as supporting students entering New Zealand to participate in programs offered by providers within the country at all levels.
Health Sciences, Psychiatric Assistant, Social Welfare, Hospitality, Marketing, Human Resources, Baking and Finance, and most recently, the Airline industry, are all areas of her experience, and with interests in a variety of sports, and cultural activities, Maria had a wide range of interests and has contacts in industry and education, as well as various ethnic communities within the city of Auckland. This lends itself to Maria being a key member of The Winnett House team, as the Associate in New Zealand responsible for networking and student/provider contacts.


Louise Calvert is New Zealand based and is a specialist for The Winnett House in the needs of the International Disabled Student. Initially trained and fully qualified in the Medical field, Louise has, over more recent years, owned and operated her own Travel Consultancy, with focus on the travel requirements of the Physically Challenged. Working within this realm, enables Louise to have an insight that is unique as a Winnett House Associate. International travel has been a regular facet of Louise’s life, and now, as the mother of two school age children, she has a keen sense of what students are seeking when they consider options for furthering their education.

Sue Ann Gunton is available in Australia. Based in Tasmania, and heading her own company CREST (Consultancy for Relocation and Education Services Tasmania), Sue has a background of dealing with International students and programs through her association with the Tasmanian Department of Economic Development as an International Student Advisor, TAFE Tasmania Admissions Officer, as Project Officer for Sport and Recreation, and recently Human Resources Officer for Hydro Tasmania. Experience as a Home-stay Parent, and a Federal Clearance Certificate, enables Sue to make contact with schools, students and parents on both a professional and social level. This she has done over recent years with students from all parts of the globe. Registered with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and with training in Immigration Law (Deakin University), Sue has a clear knowledge of Migration matters. Sue has actively attended a number of International Education Conferences and workshops, including ESOS and DIMIA briefings.

Rajesh Patel (Associate, India), has joined the team of ‘The Winnett House’ Associates to promote programs and handle all matters pertaining to applications from students in India. With a B. Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management, Rajesh is an experienced Agent and Business Manager, and will take on the role of Associate, linking students to some of the foremost programs within New Zealand, Canada, and the EU community of Providers. A background in Sales and Marketing, and Management, Rajesh also has experience in the area of Education specific marketing and management. A recent Advanced Certificate in PC Application, further enhances Rajesh’s abilities to handle application processes and all matters leading to finalizing documentation for his students. He is widely traveled, and his attendance at international Education Fairs and Workshops, enables Rajesh to work with our international Provider clients and to promote the programs to students within his region.